Backend Developer

NET/PHP Backend Developer

We develop a super cool product, startup mode, but already in production for “big name” clients, very exciting technically.

We need someone to punch when things go wrong.

Or better, we need someone that will get involved, and proactively contribute to the success story.

The Tech’ Team

We are a small team of talented people, with specific skills, not to say gurus.

Antonio: Pimalion internal brain. When a client forgets about his own data or workflow, they will call Antonio, He knows.

Christophe: AI geek, .NET, Elasticsearch. During the night, He also leads an army of web scraping bots somewhere in the dark side of the Internet

Luc: Geeks shepherd. Started coding html for IE 2, played a bit with NET, and now passionates about Azure Paas and BI.. or anything that can empower applications.

The way we work

We are geeks of courses, but professional geeks !
Unit testing, architecture, DI, IoC,…, whatever the language, we are not building a toy.

Technologies & tools we play with

  • PHP, NET, Angular, MySQL, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Azure Storage & Queuing
  • MS Computer Vision (AI), ML, MS Power BI
  • Docker, BitBucket Pipelines, Azure App Services, VMs,..
  • Full Jira suite, Visual Studio, VS code, Swagger, Postman, LogEntries,…

The Role

You will have the opportunity to touch all sides of the application, from the frontend to the backend,
using various technologies and platforms.

You will also be involved into all steps of the development lifecycle, for a real production software.

From tasks technical analysis, coding, to the DevOPS games and production releases.

What we expect from you

There are some requirements to get in.

  • Excited to play with multiple tools, languages and systems
  • Happy to contribute to the full product lifecycle.
  • You speak at least PHP or NET C#
  • Already played seriously with APIs, REST and Web architecture

Of course, we don’t expect you to be a guru in all technologies.

You need to bring some experience in, and to convince us that you can contribute.