Take control of your content and publish on all communication channels with ease!

PIMALION is a collaborative SaaS platform that helps teams in Marketing, IT, Web, Digital, Purchasing, and many other departments, to ensure effective and qualitative data management, from the product database through to all communication operations and all online and offline publications.

With PIMALION, you can enhance your multi-channel communication, its complexity, level of quality and its cost with agility and speed!

Manage your product database,
its content and multi-channel publications from A➧Z

Have you ever come across acronyms such as ETL, MDM, PIM, DAM,…?
Does your business and its omni-channel requirements require you to collect, process and circulate an increasing amount of product data and publications?
PIMALION is the software solution that integrates, ensures and optimises all tasks critical to B2C or B2B businesses, their employees, suppliers and partners, in one single platform.
l’importance est critique pour les entreprises B2C ou B2B, leurs collaborateurs, leurs fournisseurs et leurs partenaires.
With PIMALION, manage your product information and publications with efficiency!
Think globally, regionally and locally!


PIMALION allows you to retrieve all product information data from multiple sources, whatever the original format (Excel, CSV) or the source of the information (scraping, crawling, ERP, API, Web Service). PIMALION integrates your product data, allowing you to utilise it quickly and easily, whatever the volume!

Publishing channels are multiplying. The need to disseminate information and the volume of touchpoints are both growing... It's now impossible for a distributor, manufacturer or a brand to manage information flows efficiently without having thetools or technological platforms capable of meeting this challenge: this is the PIMALION proposal!

Structure & Standardise

PIMALION helps you...to ensure data quality...to create and modify mass data from your product catalogue...to generate data models composed of specific attributes for each classification level (MDM)...to automatically link your digital assets (DAM) to product data sheets (PIM)...and to dynamically build all types of Web, Print, POS or Digital publications.

The potential of the PIMALION solution is astonishing…and affects many of the company’s operational managers: Senior Management, the CIO, the Data Manager, the Marketing Manager, the Product Manager, the Studio Manager, etc., but also the Management Controller, who is slightly sensitive to savings! The implementation of such a platform is at the heart of the company’s operational activity.


PIMALION offers very granular planning of operations and communication media and role management to enable you to integrate all of those involved in the development and production of all your publications, whatever their profiles! Collaborative tools encourage exchanges, improve data quality and the management of corrections and approvals. Share your information and publications with efficiency!

The multiplication of media and targets, at the level of the various 360° communication channels, requires each company to centralise and optimise the management of its marketing resources and product information in a single, centralised system. The PIMALION platform meets this requirement in a very efficient way and adapts perfectly to all formats and profiles of distribution or service companies, B2BB2C or B2B2C.

Publish & Circulate

One of the primary objectives of the PIMALION platform is to enable all types of online and offline information media to be created, modified, organised, supplied and developed with ease. PIMALION provides you with content adapted to each communication channel (responsive content) in terms of information, language and graphic rendering. Publish without limits!

PIMALION, a powerful data management platform, offers seven key tools providing more than 150 functions ! 
These tools and their functions allow you to significantly modify or even increase your agility in the digitalisation of multi-channel, permanent or promotional communication, from information enrichment to publication!

Discover the KEY tools in the Pimalion suite

Have you ever come across acronyms such as ETL, MDM, PIM, DAM,…?
The PIMALION tools offer high performance and flexibility for all publication projects associated with the management of product data and the reference catalogue. This native integration guarantees reliability and efficient management.
PIMALION fully meets the expectations of this essential blend of marketing and technology,
and is fully aware of the limitations of multimedia production.

PIMALION’s MDM tool is a tool for processing data and product information, from its recovery to it becoming of usable standard. This tool also provides the possibility of creating taxonomy, attributes, data models or any other relevant information.
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PIMALION’s ETL tool has 'key' functions for importing data into PIM and DAM and for exporting data from PIM and DAM, whatever the type of file format: Excel, CSV, Web Service (API) or others; or whatever the source or destination: ERP or any other external database.
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The PIM tool helps to organise, enrich and structure data and information in the catalogue database and to ensure truly effective publication versions. This database provides all relevant product information to optimise multi-channel distribution over the various channels and '360°' communication media.
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PIMALION’s DAM tool allows you to archive, classify and find all assets or media and their publications quickly and easily using a multi-criteria search. You can create collections of assets, archive and index all file types, and share them with ease and without limitation! Access and search times are extremely fast thanks to automated indexing.
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PIMALION’s MPT tool is at the heart of the planning and organisation of various multi-channel campaigns and all publications: web, digital, pos and print. It provides quick access to all active media and the data management involved in the numerous publications.
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The DPS tool allows you to create and modify any print or digital publications. It offers a WYSIWYG display, without the need to involve a graphic designer, in order to preview the formatted contents via HTML snippets (according to the graphic design desired). This tool produces an accurate rendering of the publication on the respective channel and allows you to export it to the publication channel in the appropriate format (PDF, JPEG, etc.).
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PIMALION’s PAT tool is aworkflow tool that enables the online management of annotations, corrections and approvals in relation to a publication medium and its lifecycle. It allows exchanges between all players in the production process of a print or another type of media communication operation.
The PAT guarantees efficient management of professional processes (Business Process Management)!
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Do you need to ensure the quality of your data and product information?
Do you need to recover content from multiple sources and of different types? 

PIMALION is the high-performance technical solution that facilitates and ensures the creation of your data models and content to build your 'business' catalogue(s) and its (their) product database(s)!


Do you want to organise, supply and develop all of your online and offline publications? And all this from a single collaborative SaaS platform?

PIMALION guarantees the integration of all content and the development of all media for your 360° communication, whether it be 'Print', 'POS', 'Web' or 'Digital', any printed or digital media!

One platform dedicated to multi-channel publishing

PIMALION allows you, via the PLANNER, to develop and supply data to all of the channels and all the types of communication media involved in multi-channel communication: campaigns, operations, actions, projects, etc. PLANNER de construire et d’alimenter en données tous les canaux et tous les
supports qui participent à la communication multicanale : campagnes, opérations, actions, projets, etc.

The Commercial Action Plan (CAP) is fully managed by the platform and also supplies any type of 'online' or 'offline' communication channel, whether it is permanent such as a website or a tariff, or a specific communication action, whether digital or printed.

Our powerful graphic engine guarantees the optimisation of the dynamic and automated development of multi-channel communication media. Select your connectors, create your exports and use our API… Even publish your product data and information content, create the communication media for your different channels and update it!

With PIMALION, multiply your client connections!

The entrance portal to the PIMALION platform is the PLANNER module. It offers immediate access to all current, upcoming and archived actions. Its structure can be fully configured according to the logic of each 'label' in relation to its own general organisation of campaigns and publications (permanent or temporary). The planner also allows a chronological display of media in progress, active or archived.
Above all, it provides access to all the multi-channel versions of each publication medium. Find out more about the different channels supported by PIMALION below.

The PIMALION platform offers a complete publisher (from the selection of products to their layout in InDesign) for the creation and production of complex or non-complex printed publications such as folders, leaflets, catalogues, boxes, flyers, posters, mailings, etc. For the finalisation of semi-automated layouts, there are two possible solutions: either by using our InDesign connector via EasyCatalog (65Bit), or by using our integrated graphics engine ('PageBuilder').
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Today, the Web is the preferred channel of communication for any company. It is therefore necessary to be able to manage, supply or quickly distribute all content to the Web, the mobile Web and mobile applications (apps). With PIMALION's connectors and its API, you can supply and update your active publications from a central information system.
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Today, Digital has become omnipresent in the communication of any company. It is therefore necessary to be able to manage, supply or rapidly distribute content to digital applications and mobile applications (apps). With its connectors and API, PIMALION will supply and update active publications in real time.
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The WYSIWYG publisher from PIMALION allows 100% online management of all CMS thanks to the generation of templates for the presentation of products and related items, which limits graphic work by fully automating the process and, consequently, allowing the maintenance of websites, Marketplaces or e-shops.
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PIMALION has the capacity to export content, in real time, to specific publications for points of sale: posters in all formats, banners, digital signage (screens), etc. The solution offers a complete publisher for the automatic production of display type publications (from product selection to page layout). This is the POS channel.
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The PIMALION platform is able to supply any marketing automation solution via an adapted connector. On this channel it is important to be able to publish product information that must support one2one communication.
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