A multi-channel solution

PIMALION® is the high performance answer to the challenges of managing multi-channel retail communications.

A genuine hub for both B²C and B²B marketing!

Retail is undergoing a period of rapid change, both online and offline. In parallel, retailers are competing frantically with one another to maximize their engagement with their consumers who, in turn, expect more and more attention to be paid to them so that they have the best possible information to optimize their purchasing decisions.

PIMALION®, provides a software platform that operates as a multi-channel hub for managing product data and creating online, digital, and print publications while enabling advertisers everywhere to implement a targeted communications strategy that makes the best use of all available distribution channels in the B²C (general public) or B²B (professional and business) spaces. The goal: to organize the most effective responsible to achieve an optimal customer experience..

The PIMALION® multi-channel communications management platform is particularly well suited to all kinds of retail markets, and provides:

  • technical and marketing solutions to the requirements of specific B²C and B²B markets
  • tools to support the management of communications requirements of manufacturers and producers
  • software and operational solutions that meet the requirements of professional networks such as group purchasers and referral networks.

A vision of the web v4.0

Thanks to its web v4.0 approach, PIMALION® aims to anticipate the objectives and requirements of all sub-markets in the retail sector.

Give your multi-channel communications the best possible future!

After the social web v2.0 (sharing data, information and content both publicly and privately), the semantic web v3.0 (an attempt to extract meaning from data and make content portable and interchangeable), it’s time to make way for the smart web v4.0, with a greater focus on interactions between individuals and objects!

How can we achieve this vision and meet the challenges of multi-channel optimization that it poses?


Content Strategy

With PIMALION®, deploy a truly content-focused strategy!

The right content, at the right place, at the right time!

Retail enterprises must built a deep, rich and distinctive relationship with every single customer.
They must therefore ensure that they are able to provide the most complete and relevant information possible, at any time.

In terms of your content strategy, PIMALION® allows you to:

  • Optimize the time-to-market of your products and reduce the response times for your promotional and marketing campaigns.
  • Enhance the marketing of your product offering by increasing your responsiveness
  • Encourage information sharing and improve its reliability across all your communications channels
  • Achieve new goals with your multi-channel marketing
  • Take control of your data feeds and manage the information about your products from creation through to publication:img1

    In order to implement an effective content strategy successfully, it is important to::

    • manage the multi-channel marketing of your communications campaigns.
    • optimize your data updates and distribute them in real time
    • achieve a presence across all potential touchpoints
    • take control of all major content sources