Carrefour Belgique souhaitait contrôler et corriger la production de plus de 3 500 pages de folders (édités jusqu’à 3 versions linguistiques) et de catalogues dans un processus de numérisation intégrant à la fois le marketing et les achats (CatMan), soit plus de 60 personnes pour Hyper et Market. Le module d’annotation et de validation répond pleinement à ce besoin et cette exigence !

Carrefour is one of the leading brands on the Belgian food and non-food retail market and uses PIMALION for the global management of the content of its B2C communication. 

A few highlights:

• +/- 300 users internal and external to Carrefour
- On average, 120 folders or catalogues per year (i.e. more than 3.500 pages to be multiplied by 2 or 3 'language' versions), created on the platform to supply the channels web, digital or print; and exports or retrieves information to most promotional media (folders, websites, e-books, POS, screens, social networks, etc.).
- Generation via the DPS tool of an average of 1000 promotions, in 7 formats, 2 to 3 language versions, +/- 80 possible promotional mechanics.
Production of more than 20,000 PDFs, JPEG and Thumbnails in 15 to 20 minutes and real-time visualisation in the control interface!

In addition to all the important functionalities of PIMALION, the annotation and validation tool (PAT) enables all those involved to exchange, modify, correct, annotate and approve all types of media in progress. Time saving and reliability that represents considerable savings!

For example, at the level of weekly POS production, PIMALION provides complete automation and record time savings in manufacturing and checking (full automatic generation of PDFs) with minimum human intervention.

Every week, +/- 20,000 PDFs of promotional offers are generated in just a few dozen minutes!

300 users involved in the multi-channel communication management of the brands

PIMALION is an essential platform for the multi-channel management of our offline and online promotional communication. We have more than 300 active users, mostly internal but also external, on the platform who participate in the communication and marketing of our three brands: Hyper, Market and Express. PIMALION perfectly meets our ambitions for optimising the digitalisation of our promotional campaigns and our global communication.
Dave Froidcoeur
Head of Marketing Activations