The DAM tool from PIMALION allows you to archive, classify and find all assets or media and their publications quickly and easily using a multi-criteria search. You can create collections of assets, archive and index all file types, and share them with ease and without limitation! Access and search times are extremely fast thanks to automated indexing.

Main functions of the DAM tool :

✅ Uploading and downloading files
✅ Archiving of all multimedia files: consultation and retrieval
✅ Storage function for all types of files ('media'): all image formats, video, audio, PDF, documents, etc.
✅ Full text indexing of PDF and Word documents
✅ Multi-criteria search engine
✅ Integration of an AI function for searching for unidentified images
✅ Searching for possible assets via the PIM
✅ Display of metadata, IPTC information, IA keywords (via GoogleAI), tags
✅ Connecting the different Cloud Drives: FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive…
✅ Tag management
✅ Configuration of the validities of asset use (according to property rights, geographical area, user profiles, etc.)
✅ Management of asset collections
✅ Automation and transformation of file formats in relation to the publication channel
✅ File manager (file management by folder) 
✅ Management of a 'basket' (assets, pages, products) for sending documents such as assets or PDFs via email and download function
✅ Configuration of media lifecycle management (workflows).
Example: image to be cropped, image to be chromed, sample to be provided, ambient photo to be provided, etc.
✅ Manual or automatic media renaming (according to naming rules)
✅ DAM Micro-services
→ DEM (Dam Event Monitoring) = asset movement management
→ IPS (Image Processing Service) = image processing and document indexing
→ DAM AI (Digital Assets Management Artificial Intelligence) = automatic image indexing via Artificial Intelligence technology


➕  The organisation of your digital multimedia heritage is facilitated in full
➕  Document management system integrated into the platform
➕  Potential of Artificial Intelligence integrated at the level of the PIMALION DAM
➕  Extremely short search time regardless of the volume of data present in the DAM
➕  Easily find all of your content (thanks to tags and optimised indexing)
➕  Can be connected to any external source or solution
➕  Automated file processing for automatic channel supply (suitable for printweb or digital)
➕  Management in connection with any external FTP server
➕  Processing of very large volumes
➕  Very fast access to thousands of files based on your search criteria 
➕  Find the latest uses of the assets and associated documents
➕  Take advantage of the IA indexing function of the DAM
➕  ...


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