The DPS tool allows you to generate and modify any print media or digital publication.It offers a WYSIWYG display, without the need to involve a graphic designer, in order to preview the formatted contents via HTML snippets (according to the desired graphic charter). This module generates a faithful rendering of the publication in the channel concerned and allows exporting in the format appropriate to the publication channel (PDF, JPEG, etc.).

Main functions of the DPS tool :

✅ To create and manage 'multi-channel' type publications in all media: print, web, POS and digital
✅ To manage the contents of the Promotional Activation Plan (PAP): folders, POSe-shop, online catalogues, landing pageemail, etc.)
✅ The creation of publications according to the different communication channels
✅ To produce publications or specific media by channel type, taking into account the technical limitations linked to this channel
✅ The creation of page grids for any format (Grid Layouts)
✅ A specific creation of publications or media by type of channel
✅ Automated distribution of products in the containers of a publication (pages, product list) = Manage Products
✅ The modification, in real time, of the contents of the pages (in constant link with the PIM and the DAM)
✅ The creation of tree structures by label (operational entity)
✅ Import and export of content and publications
✅ Content management via the PLANNER by campaign, by operation, by channel, by medium, etc.
✅ Duplication of content by publication level
✅ The management of any operation print via the thumbnails, with:
→ page management (format, movement)
→ management of the contents of the pages (text and images)
→ image management (check assets)
→ annotation management (comments, annotations, approvals, corrections)
→ multi-criteria management of the thumbnail display according to the user profile
→ management of page characteristics and information via the Manage Pages function
→ the option to import mass PDFs or individually into the pages  


➕ Tool natively integrated into the platform and linked to other tools
➕ Ease of developing and monitoring any communication medium
➕ Reliability of information from one channel to another. Principle of transversality and inheritance of product information. Consequence: avoidance of numerous errors 
➕ Graphics engine power and automated publication generation capability
➕ Ability to manage any type of template (product, page, email, digital media, etc.) for any medium and channel
➕ Significant time saving in the implementation and follow-up process
➕ Option to mass produce media in record time
➕ Real-time intervention for the modification or correction of information
➕ Online editing and approval service
➕ Technical facility for configuration and creation of snippets (CSS et HTML)
➕ ...


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