PIMALION’s ETL tool has 'key' functionalities for importing data into the PIM and DAM and for exporting data from the PIM and DAM, whatever the type of file format: Excel, CSV, Web Service (API) or other; or whatever the source or destination: ERP or any other external database.

Main functions of the ETL tool :

✅ Import or export via Excel, CSV, Web Service or any other format
✅ Mass import of data via FTP
✅ Ability to associate information fields of an imported file with the interface dictionary attributes
✅ Selecting and modifying references for export
✅ Possible import methods
→ 100% automated via our API or via our DIS tool (FTP)
→ manual import via Excel, CSV, XML,…
→ via data connector from 'Sourcing' (option)
→ via API (optional)
✅ Provides mass data conversion
✅ Management of mapping templates : creation, modification, backup
✅ Management of product data sheets: creation, total or partial modification
✅ Selection of the data produced by the PIM and import into a target publication of the contents (in whole or in part)
✅ Translation and version management per channel
✅ Creation and management of classifications
✅ Creation and modification of data models (Data Model)
✅ Data fields can be changed en masse
✅ Data synchronisation possible with any other information system: ERP, PIM, DAM, CRM, CMS, etc.
✅ Micro-services
→  DEX = Data Export Management ➙ management and creation of exports
→  DIS = Data Import Service ➙ management and creation of imports
→  API = Application Programming Interface ➙ integration with other systems, data migration or processing automation using our open and comprehensive REST API


➕  Easier management of product data updates and changes to be applied
➕  Easy creation of information fields in the product data sheet possible at any time
➕  Speed of data updates
➕  Significant time saving in the process of producing and modifying a publication
➕  Tool power leads to productivity time savings 
➕  Ability to make changes directly in the PIM
➕  Ease of mapping and simplicity of use
➕  Automatic field detection
➕  Reporting of imports and exports, errors, etc.
➕  ...


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