PIMALION’s MDM tool is a tool for processing data and product information from its recovery to it becoming usable. This tool also provides the possibility of creating taxonomy, attributes, data models or any other relevant information.

Main functions of the MDM tool :

✅ Sourcing platform: interface for processing information and content data
✅ Import and/or export of the Fab-Dis and ETIM format
✅ Data extraction service: web scraping and crawling
✅ Help functions: mass input, search/replace, etc.
✅ Automated grouping of products/items according to classification
✅ Taxonomy manager (structure and vocabulary)
✅ Attachment of mass products to classification
✅ Management of semantic and value anomalies
✅ Data standardisation, unit conversion, typographical transformation, etc.
✅ Publication of product data sheets in PDF, HTML formats
✅ Deduplication of products and duplication of assets
✅ Grouping of common article information by product
✅ Semi-automatic management of complex attribute data models
✅ Measuring and monitoring data quality and volume
✅ Price comparison module
✅ Historisation and versioning of data
✅ Machine Learning (ML)
✅ Assets can be renamed by EAN code or by product reference.


➕  Acceleration of the product database creation process
➕  Considerable time saving due to mass processing
➕  Elimination of countless tedious processes in the handling and modification of Excel files
➕  Improvement of the data reliability of catalogue information
➕  Increase in the capacity to publish relevant and comprehensive information
➕  Accelerated management of the processing of assets and all documents and information related to a product database
➕  Offers an indispensable tool to ensure data quality


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