PIMALION’s MPT too is at the heart of the planning and organisation of various multi-channel campaigns and all publications: web, digital, POS and print. It allows quick access to all active media and management of the data involved in the various publications.

Main functions of the MPT tool :

✅ Tool for multi-channel planning and construction of new publications
✅ Interface for structuring operations and planning publications by label (operational entity)
✅ Visualisation of the different operations according to a logic of organisation by channel and language
✅ Access to the interface for creating a publication and details of the specifications
✅ Creation of the tree structure of all my projects: campaigns, operations, actions, supports, etc. without quantitative limits and taking into account the specificities of each channel: web, digital, POS or print
✅ Possible creation of publication versions, e.g. language versions
✅ Importing products into the publication
✅ Exporting the products of a publication (Excel format)
✅ Publication Status Scoreboard print)
✅ Creation of all types of publications according to the required channel
✅ Ability to duplicate content from existing publications in a new publication
✅ Option to customise various information
✅ Option to archive publications and access these archives


➕ Ease of creating a programme of projects in my multi-channel communication
➕ Ease of visualisation and organisation of current or past multi-channel communication campaigns
➕ Immediate access to all my publications and their multi-channel versions
➕ Access to favourite publications
➕ Access to publication history
➕ Speed of actions: creation of a publication with its specificities, import and duplication of publications
➕ Immediate access to publication management tools
➕ Management of data transversality
➕ Rapid export of publication data
➕  ...


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