Use PIMALION® to create all your publications with ease, across all channels and all media formats!

Whether you’re using it for your local or national communications, taking control of the structure, content, updates and publication across all B²B and B²C channels is child’s play with plug-ins that PIMALION® offers.

PIMALION® supports you throughout every stage of your communications strategy, through every single campaign and publication and via all channels.
PIMALION® helps you to publish complete, optimized data based on your customer’s profile or the particular communications channel in order to create the best possible customer experience.

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The benefits to you apply no matter what publication method you use:

  • Save time and money throughout the multi-channel publishing process thanks to the rationalized, optimized systems that PIMALION implements
  • Enhanced consistency and reliability of content across all publications (price, promotional mechanisms, etc.)
  • Elimination of redundant tasks and a significant reduction in risks of error
  • Communications are perfectly adapted to suit the channel, both in terms of form (presentation) and substance (content).