The PIMALION platform is capable of powering any marketing automation solution via a suitable connector. It is important to be able to publish product information on this channel, which must feed into the one2one communication.

Information & functions:

✅ CRM connector with all the solutions on the market
✅ Specific CRM connector with the marketing automation platform ACTITO or any other solution on the market
✅ Preview of products in the format to be displayed
✅ Powerful graphic engine for managing templates and display formats
✅ Creation of product templates, internal tool ProductBuilder
✅ Product display interface for real-time management
✅ Management and updating via a specific interface in PIMALION
✅ Management and update via API of PIMALION


➕  You facilitate the creation of your newsletters or e-mailing campaigns, your mailings, your e-mailing campaigns
➕  You quickly enrich your loyalty programmes.
➕  You can easily manage the data published by acting directly on the PIM and DAM.
➕  You benefit from data updates in the other channels (if transversality is activated)
➕  You have a permanent link with your product information sheet (PIM), which allows you to modify and correct your content at any time during the process
➕  You preview your display before pushing the information to the relevant digital medium (WYSIWYG)
➕  You remain permanently connected to your digital publication
➕  You avoid useless and tedious encoding
➕  You ensure the consistency of data from your CRM operations with those of your other channels.
➕  Real-time update of active publications

Click below to discover all the dedicated functions specific to each media channel included in our PLANNER module: