PIMALION has the ability to 'push' content, in real time, towards specific point-of-sale publications: posters, banners, digital displays (screens), etc. The solution offers a complete publisher for the automatic production of display type publications (from product selection to page layout). This is the POS channel.

Information & functions:

✅ Management of 'point of sale' display operations (POS)
✅ Creation of any display model by product, by unit, or en masse
✅ Internal graphic engine for generating any type of document 
✅ Fully automated generation of a POS operation (PDF, etc.)
✅ Generation of publication from products linked to a publication
✅ Product preview interface linked to a POS-type publication
✅ Tool for creating product templates
✅ Publisher WYSIWYG ProductBuilder
✅ Management of information positions within a product (drag and drop)
✅ Instant preview of the layout
✅ Can be connected to all types of systems (digital signage, etc.)


➕  You can easily control the published data by directly modifying the information in the PIM
➕  You benefit from data updates in the other channels (if transversality is activated)
➕  You have a permanent link with your product information sheet (PIM), which allows you to modify and correct your content at any time during the process
➕  You preview your display before starting production of the medium
➕  You keep a permanent connection with your POS media to make any useful modifications
➕  You avoid useless and tedious encoding
➕  Consistency of information across channels
➕  Real-time update of active publications
➕  You can make mass corrections via the ETL tool
➕  ...

Click below to discover all the dedicated functions specific to each media channel included in our PLANNER module: