Today, the Web has become the communication channel par excellence of any company. It is therefore necessary to be able to manage, supply or rapidly distribute content to the Web, the mobile Web and mobile applications (apps). With PIMLION's connectors and its API, you can supply and update active publications using a central information system.

Information & functions:

✅ Website management and supply, e-commerce, CMS, e-shop, Marketplaces, etc.
✅ Importing products into a publication from the PIM or an Excel file
✅ Preview of products in the format to be displayed
✅ You can use the search engine via the PIM to select your products
✅ Creation of product templates via the internal publisher
✅ Management of data models and content specific to the web channel
✅ Product display interface for real time management
✅ Export of data from a selection of products to all types of CMS
✅ Management from PIMALION of all product information, attributes, tables (multi-references), visuals, attached documents, etc.
✅ Management and updating via a specific interface in PIMALION
✅ Use of the powerful graphic engine to manage display templates (snippets)
✅ Specific connector possible for CMS platform: Magento, Prestashop, etc.


➕  You can easily manage the data published by directly accessing the PIM and the DAM
➕  You benefit from data updates in the other channels (if transversality is activated)
➕  You have a permanent link with your product information sheet (PIM), which allows you to modify and correct your content at any time during the process
➕  You preview your display before sending the information to the CMS
➕  You keep a permanent connection with your CMS
➕  You avoid all unnecessary encoding
➕  You make real-time updates of active publications
➕  You can make mass corrections via the ETL tool

Click below to discover all the dedicated functions specific to each media channel included in our PLANNER module: