The entrance portal to the PIMALION platform is the PLANNER module. It offers immediate access to all current, upcoming and archived actions. Its structure can be fully configured according to the logic of each 'label' in relation to its own general organisation of campaigns and publications (permanent or temporary). The planner also allows a chronological display of media in progress, active or archived.
Above all, it provides access to all the multi-channel versions of each publication medium. Find out more about the different channels supported by PIMALION below.

The PIMALION PLANNER module provides you with: PLANNER de pimalion PERMET :

✅ The creation of publication schemes

✅ The choice of a logical hierarchy of the publications according to the wording chosen by the administrator

✅ The activation of the different publication channels present in an operation or campaign

✅ The editing of different publications per channel (with respect to the specific parameters of said channel)

✅ The creation of different language or support versions

✅ The management of data imports into media

✅ The duplication, partial or total, of contents from one medium to another

✅ The direct export of data contained in a medium

✅ The consultation of the progress report (Dashboard) of the media, providing thumbnails 

✅ The modification of the specifics of a publication already created ('Editing' function)


➕ The planner allows instant visualisation of all active media, channels, operations, etc. and all archived media

➕ It simplifies the management of all content related to each operation

➕ Thanks to the principles of transversality and inheritance of the PIM, it allows its published information (texts and assets) to be updated in real time

➕ It allows the centralisation of all marketing campaigns

➕ For each 'label', it provides an overview of the media linked to a publication scheme

➕ It is a real 'dashboard' of my multi-channel communication

Click below to discover all the dedicated functions specific to each media channel included in our PLANNER module: