The challenge for the B2B 'phygital' distributor, Adeo Group, was to find a platform that would allow it to develop data models from an existing database while respecting existing data models. PIMALION met this expectation. The final objective was, over the course of a few months, to develop a catalogue to be proposed to professionals and craftsmen.

PROBOX is a French brand of the ADEO group (Leroy Merlin and others) which offers a phygital ecosystem. écosystème phygital.

Voted Best Concept of the Year 2019,it features technical products and equipment for professionals in the building industry and its environment.

Each shop, known as a 'base-vie', is both a place for transactions and logistics and a place to live.

Within these 'bases-vie', either online or via their sales platform, the brand offers a multitude of services to professionals: office space, express delivery, personalised training, key reproduction, 3D printer, etc. and much more! pro une multitude de prestations : espace bureau, livraison express, formations personnalisées, reproduction de clés, imprimante 3D, … et bien d’autres encore !

The power of the ETL tool and the various tools available on the PIMALION interface have made it possible, on the one hand, to identify attributes present in existing product descriptions and, on the other hand, to create new attributes.

Following the recovery of a database and mass processing, a cleaning of the texts and the creation of new discriminators and value keys made it possible to ensure the quality of the structuring and presentation of the data (tables).

Once this work was completed, the platform was able to supply both the Octave ERP to feed the site and the publishing department for the production of catalogues and promotions.

Some indicative figures:
The platform hosts 17,500 products, more than 20.000 assets and 230 brands. The company publishes an annual catalogue of +/- 1,000 pages in less than 3 months.

Structure & Map product data to quickly build a product database

We were looking for a solution that could both structure the product data we obtained from various sources within the ADEO group and map this product information to our 1,200 data models. We thus created 17,500 references from 230 supplier brands! All we had to do was to take advantage of the power of PIMALION Publishing to build and format our catalogue!
ProBox, Adeo Group
18,500 references, 260 brands