The PIM tool helps organise, enrich, structure data and information The PIM tool helps to organise, enrich and structure data and information in the catalogue database and to ensure truly effective publication versions. This database provides all relevant product information to optimise multi-channel distribution over the various channels and '360°' communication media.

Main functions of the PIM tool :

✅ Management of information and product data sheets, article data sheets, recipe data sheets, technical data sheets, etc.
→ responsive content : the right information in relation to a given channel and medium
✅ Creating and enriching product information in a dynamic manner
✅ Management of all types of information fields: text, text zone, HTML or rich-text editor, checkbox (single or multiple choice), drop-down list, text with auto-complete, calendar, tree navigation, etc.
✅ Management of languages and versions of product sheets according to the distribution channel
✅ Differentiated content management possible by label (operational entity)
✅ Transversality possible depending on the publication channel
✅ Multi-criteria and classification search engine (taxonomy)
✅ Information content 'variable' in relation to the channel and the medium
✅ Management of data models (product sheets contextual to the classification)
✅ Management of display models by user and role (Display Model)
✅ Dynamic management of promotional mechanisms
✅ Creation and management of calculated fields
✅ Dynamic management of information fields
✅ Management of transversality and inheritance rules
✅ Interface for data consultation and enrichment
✅ Interfaces can be configured with user-defined language selection
✅ Online edition
✅ Complete management of classifications by label
✅ Product sheet/article/customisable collection
✅ Dynamic management of article/product reference tables
✅ Management of product usage history in publications
✅ Preview display of product information via HTML or PDF snippets (graphic templates) depending on the publication channel


➕  Access to a centralised database of all products
➕  Easy access to information whatever the level of the product sheet: 'master' or publication
➕  Comparison between all versions of the sheet: language, publication medium or channel
➕  Multi-criteria advanced search allows you to easily find the product and its description
➕  Fast response times for all requests
➕  Asset management possible from the PIM in conjunction with the DAM
➕  Option to easily add products to a publication from the PIM
➕  Version history of the product data sheet
➕  Different means of selecting products to create a publication: individual selection, mass selection, via classification
➕  ...


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