PIMALION’s PAT tool is a workflow tool that enables the online management of annotations, corrections and approvals in relation to a publication medium and its lifecycle. It allows exchanges between all the players in the production process of communication operation for print media or others. The PAT guarantees efficient management of professional processes (Business Process Management)!

Main functions of the PAT tool :

✅ Tool for correcting and approving publications in connection with the PIM and PIMALION’s DAM.
✅ Validation tool and proof of print tool
✅ Workflow between the various parties involved in the correction, annotation and revision of publications. Automatic management by sending emails with a link to the annotations
✅ Sharing comments between different contacts (internal or external)
✅ Control of each step of a document’s execution, per page or per publication
✅ Display for comparison between different versions of a page (revision steps)
✅ Comparison of the language versions of a page
✅ Management of any desired information flow according to a chosen methodology and according to the desired vocabulary
✅ Workflow creation interface for corrections and annotations
✅ Internal messaging system (chat) for exchanges and annotations between parties involved
✅ Attaching any document to an annotation
✅ Personalisation of the user name for an annotation
✅ Configuration of users or user groups
✅ Option to instantly integrate any publication in PDF format, whether or not produced with PIMALION via Manage Pages
✅ Planning tool, triggering annotation and validation alerts
✅ Reporting of changes and annotations
✅ Summary table (dashboard reporting) of progress reports


➕ An online tool to support home working and digitalisation processes in marketing projects
➕ Significant time savings and reliability
➕ Enables a more structured and better organised working methodology
➕ Better understanding of expectations and demands between the parties involved, generating savings and better productivity
➕ Promotes a better understanding of the corrections or modifications to be applied and therefore largely eliminates the risk of misinterpreting corrections
➕ Receive or describe the modifications or corrections to be made via email
➕ Significantly limits the risk of costly errors
➕ Considerable time saving in the automated process of realisation and follow-up
➕ Individual responsibility through traceability of each action
➕ You can make changes directly in the PIM
➕ Find images of the DAM (immediate access to assets)
➕ Permanent link with your product sheet (direct with the PIM and DAM)
➕ Immediate knowledge of progress
➕ Any PDF publication is taken into account for multifunctional annotation management
➕ ...


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