To meet the expectations of its network in terms of product referencing in order to cover a database integrating nearly 1,000 suppliers and potentially more than 6 million references covering the 7 business lines, the Information Systems Department of the SOCODA Group has selected PIMALION to assist it in this ambitious project.

The leading independent professional distribution network for the Building and Industry sectors in France.

Founded more than 70 years ago, SOCODA has built an agile and reactive structure that provides 200 Members, independent entrepreneurs, with the means to cope with changes in professional trading. 

  • 9,200 employees
  • €3 billion turnover
  • + more than 1,000 supplier partners
  • 200 independent members
  • 440,000 business customers
  • + more than 900 points of sale


SOCODA's request was met by PIMALION on 3 essential expectations in terms of Sourcing.
Find out more about them below:

1/ PIMALION, thanks to its algorithms, AI and 'machine learning' modules, helps the Group to:

    • Collect the product data via supplier Excel files and overload this information with web scraping (extraction of product data from suppliers' websites)
    • Natively import and export the FAB-DIS and ETIM format
    • Ensure an enrichment objective of some 6 million references in the long term

2/ PIMALION formats the product data:

    • Semi-automatic creation of some 1,400 data models at the level of the sub-families of the classification of the SOCODA product database
    • Attachment of products to data models
    • Standardisation of product attributes and key values
    • Automatic association to articles with the most qualitative visuals
    • Classification validation and improvement
    • Help in attaching items to the corresponding classification level

3/ PIMALION provides:

    • Recurrent updating of data
    • Anomaly detection and automated data quality control
    • Automatic exports to the Members' e-commerce systems (CMS)
    • Hosting and maintenance of information linked to the SOCODA intranet

Result: the platform currently hosts more than 1.5 million product references across 7 families of products thanks to PIMALION!
SOCODA intends to move quickly into the supply and development phase with PIMALION Publishing for its catalogues and promotional activity.
The Sourcing/Publishing already enables the PIMALION Publishing platform to be supplied and updated in real time.

Acceleration of the creation of the product database to reach, today, nearly 1.5 million enriched references.

Today, with the support of the PIMALION platform and the team dedicated to SOCODA, we register: more than 1.5 million items stored and managed in the PIM and DAM PIMALION in 1,400 data models; more than 1.8 million assets in stock (visuals + PDF). Thanks to the power of this tool platform, its functionalities and the technologies deployed, the objective of 6 million references for some 800 to 1,000 suppliers should be reached by 2022. And catalogue publishing operations and other communication media should soon benefit from the web2print tool, Document Publishing Solution (DPS), and the data offered by PIMALION Sourcing.
Nicolas De Prailles
Group Information Systems Director