Why You should join the team

About Pimalion

Even if you don’t know the name, you already had contacts with Pimalion:

Every week you receive products and promotions flyers into your letterbox,

you look at products stickers prices in a supermarket,

you watch some advertising on digital screens into a shop, you browse an online shop catalog…

Most of this data was produced by Pimalion!

In short, Pimalion is an application that manages products’ data for all communication channels of retailers: hundreds of thousands of products prices, references, descriptions, images in many formats and languages…

for very famous Brands in Belgium and France.

Started as a client project, Pimalion is evolving to a full SaaS platform on MS Azure.

Pimalion is built with the latest technologies, NET, PHP, Angular, Elastic & MongoDB, using APIs, micro-services, Queueing, Big Data, AI, ML… and whatever new performing technology that will bring something interesting in the recipe.

It’s a product

You will personally contribute to, evolve, influence, deliver… our own cool software, and be very proud to say “I did it”.

Your teammates

We are a small team of talented people, with specific skills, not to say gurus.

The way we work

We are geeks of courses, but professional geeks !
Unit testing, architecture, DI, IoC,…, whatever the language, we are not building a toy.

What we expect from you

We need people that will get involved, and proactively contribute to the success story.

And also

You must know that we have a Nespresso coffee machine, and very cool lunch places around the offices.
Plenty of sweet shops too.

It is important to say that our CEO, Philippe, is pretty cool too.
With energy and vision for an army, he is a true business and motivation catalyst.

For the records, we are located in La Hulpe, that means not much traffic jams to come here.

Human dimension, very dynamic, flexible, busy, cool…

so, check our open positions:


Come visit us and let’s talk!