Who are we?

The company

The Romulus company has been developing and since 2015 markets SaaS (Software as a Service) and PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms.

The DNA of the company is the result of a combination of expertise in marketing and "retail" communication supplemented by very important know-how in the development of major IT projects.

The Romulus products and solutions brand is "PIMALION".
The company is intended to offer a wide range of features to help companies adopt innovative digital solutions and improve their operational efficiency in terms of information systems, product marketing and digital or other communication.

The Challenge

All players in retail media, digital marketing and distribution are now faced with an emergency and a double challenge:
  • have a complete, high-quality product database (= information that is consistent, correct, structured and publishable)
  • industrialize and automate as far as possible the contextual distribution of their product information and build a reliable and dynamic multi-channel publication.
To meet this challenge, it is not only necessary to choose the right tools to ensure a joint PIM, DAM, ETL and graphics generation response; it is also imperative to add relevant and operational solutions to address the issue of content creation, acquisition and retrieval in order to obtain quality and original information and content.

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