DPS - Document Publishing Service

DPS (Document Publishing Service)

The DPS (Publishing Service Document) module includes all the features that ensure a multi-channel, multilingual, dynamic and automated publication.

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Helped by its powerful graphic engine, Pimalion brings all the solutions and the tools to ensure the construction and supply of multichannel publication.

Multicanal publication is a communication strategy that aims to disseminate content on several distribution channels, such as social media, websites, mobile applications, digital media and printed media. This strategy makes it possible to reach a wider audience and to reach consumers on different supports.

In the case of pimalion, the strength of multichannel publication, for digital and printed publication, lies in the fact that this allows the company to reach different types of audiences. Indeed, some consumers prefer to read on paper support, while others prefer digital media. By publishing content on different channels, Pimalion can help you reach all types of target audience. Simultaneous multi-channel messaging and automatic changes to information from a single interface is a major advantage offered by Pimalion.


The Pimalion solution is a publishing platform designed to help companies manage and publish their content more effectively.

The features of the DPS modules allow in terms of digital, web or printed publication of:

  1. Improving productivity and industrialization: Pimmalion allows companies to manage their content more efficiently, which will help improve the overall productivity of the company's communication.
  2. Allow you to collaborate more easily on the content and speed up the publication process.
  3. Increase the quality of the content: Using Pimalion, companies can better organize their content and ensure that it is consistent and of high quality.

In summary, the Pimalion solution publishing objectives are to improve productivity, increase the quality of the content and increase business visibility of companies as on all physical meetings.

The Pimalion DPS module

Overall, Pimalion is a complete publication solution that offers a range of powerful features designed to help publishers create and distribute high quality content in an efficient and efficient manner

Pimalion, with its DPS module, offers several advantages to its users.

  1. First of all, it offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that allows publishers to easily manage their content and their publications.
  2. This interface includes editing, formatting and content design tools, as well as metadata management and other publication details.
  3. Then, Pimalion offers solid collaboration functions that allow several users to work simultaneously on the same publication. This includes features such as version control, comments and task management, which contribute to rationalizing the publication process and improving efficiency.

Finally, Pimalion offers KPIs that allow publishers to track the progress of their publications. These include measures of task completion such as the percentage of pages generated in PDF, etc...

Overview of functions and properties

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