Hubo is a chain of shops specializing in the supply of DIY and gardening products. This distribution network is renowned for its professionalism, customer service and carefully designed product ranges. Hubo is very active in terms of communication and aims to offer its loyal customers an impeccable quality of service through its network of over 150 shops in Belgium, most of which are franchises.

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The challenge

Every week, Hubo offers DIY amateurs and professionals a wide range of offers to help them improve their homes on a budget. The IT and marketing departments have joined forces to industrialise and automate procedures as far as possible, so that the communication teams can produce multi-channel communication materials with maximum efficiency. Today, the folder is still the primary communication tool.

The need

Already very well equipped in terms of IT, with ERP, PIM, MDM and DAM solutions in place, this ecosystem lacked a dynamic and collaborative graphics-oriented tool that would be at the centre of the system, at the heart of the construction of the promotional plan, and that would be capable of managing the construction of its folders and POS media as a priority. Of course, it was important that the solution was capable of providing a multi-channel dimension (print and digital) and of handling all the constraints associated with this emerging means of communication. It was also vital that the solution met the legitimate requirements of the marketing team and its integrated studio, as well as the specifications of the IT department.

Solutions thanks to Pimalion

From now on, the Pimalion platform will manage Hubo's entire promotional process, from product selection, the fully integrated production of folders and catalogs in different language versions, right through to approval for printing, with all the numerous execution and proofreading phases required.

Very concretely

  • platform active since 2022
  • 20 potential users
  • More than 160,000 items are managed by the PIM,
  • over 240,000 assets (mainly images) in the DAM
  • every week, the folder is created with the help of the platform, and the production of language versions is fully automated
  • 100% online management of corrections and annotations
  • feeding the web (e-shop promotions), digital (mobile apps, digital signage) and various print media
  • launch in 2023 of automated display generation for stores

The Pimalion graphics rendering engine

Thanks to its graphics rendering engine, Pimalion ensures that Hubo can produce its display material extremely quickly, whatever the level of difficulty and complexity of the offers to be processed. After a short training course, users can autonomously manage the editing of any poster, and modify the result obtained automatically by manual graphic readjustments (thanks to the "entity display" tool). It allows you to produce unlimited volumes of posters and build different templates very quickly, without limits.


Significant savings in time and money. Team satisfaction. Numerous opportunities to use the Pimalion tool for print and digital purposes.

Pimalion is an essential platform for Hubo's multi-channel promotional management, both online and offline. It fully meets Hubo's ambitions to optimise the digitisation of promotional campaigns and global communications.

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