Who are we?

Our methodology

Pimalion is distinguished by its robust and effective methodology, designed to offer you optimized management of product data and a creation of fluid multichannel content.
Our methodology is based on five key pillars:

Stage 1

Analyze & Understand

We analyze your technical and IT solutions environment and the tools already in place to identify shortcomings, risks and opportunities.
Together, we assess your needs and the functionalities that will be added following the integration of Pimalion.
We carry out a qualitative diagnosis of your data and/or your various communication channels and the type of multi-channel publications.


Stage 2

Evaluate & Propose

Together, we evaluate and validate a budget envelope that is adapted to your scope of needs, the volume of your data and your publications, and the reality of your requirements from acquisition to dissemination of information.
We can make suggestions to improve the performance of your communications and retail marketing, and define the technical features that need to be implemented.


Stage 3

Setup & Integration

We help you gather and collect your data ("data mining").
We configure the Pimalion platform: preparing and integrating data and files, activating and feeding modules.
We organize the flows and connections required for the eco-system set up before going live. After validation, we ensure that your platform is operational.


Stage 4

Train & Support

We help your teams and any external partners to get to grips with and master the various modules and their functionalities.
We maintain a dialogue to keep you informed of developments, updates and new features.
We remain available through simple, high-performance collaborative tools.


Stage 5

Evolve & Anticipate

We draw up a roadmap for future developments and functionalities, based on market challenges and the expectations of our partner-customers.
We implement reports and KPIs to monitor both expected results and expected developments.
We are constantly working to make our applications more efficient, more complete and more attractive.