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Secure|Optimize|Industrializeyour multi-channel communication with Pimalion

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Your benefits and advantages

End-to-end digital process

Fully digitalize your communication processes!

All-in-one, multi-solutions platform with a 360° approach. A single interface for integrated PIM, DAM and ETL solutions, as well as multi-channel publishing and collaborative management modules, including a powerful graphics rendering engine for increasingly industrialized production of all digital and non-digital media.

Multichannel marketing software suite

One of the most comprehensive solutions on the market.

The Pimalion solution provides a maximum number of responses to the needs of product marketing and the permanent and coherent management of the database to ensure a process from A to Z: from the acquisition of quality product data to the dynamic management of multi-channel publication, including a mastery of Retail Media campaigns.

Ease of use and functional efficiency

A collaborative platform that guarantees efficient working from home.

All the integrated functions (+/- 180), modules and tools, make it easy to master, enabling you to meet the ever-increasing demands of productivity. Ongoing development and innovation are designed to deliver even greater performance and comfort for your teams.

Efficiency, productivity and financial savings guaranteed

Make multi-channel communication a reality and a success.

You will now be able to concentrate on strategic and creative tasks that are non-repetitive and add real value. Let automation work for you and make it easier and more comfortable for your teams. You'll quickly see productivity gains of up to 30% of your current costs, or even more.

Technical developments and permanent updates

A solution that anticipates the needs of high-performance marketing

This technological hub is always up to date with technological developments and the latest communication techniques. Take advantage of ongoing functional upgrades and corrective updates to applications, modules and functionalities. Our software roadmap, shared with our users, guarantees an ever-growing potential for use.

Multi-label interface and hyper-secure applications

Take advantage of a super-secure solution.

Work with complete peace of mind, in total confidence and security, thanks to a state-of-the-art application suite and multi-label/client platform. Take full advantage of the many facilities offered and guaranteed by cloud-based infrastructures. Plug and play, no special installation required.

Overview of functions and properties

Possible integration with all existing solutions

Release the full potential of your current systems !

With Pimalion, you can unlock the full data potential of your current systems, existing software tools and past IT investments.

Pimalion integrates easily with your existing solutions for data storage, product database (PIM) and digital asset database solution (DAM), data enterprise resource management tool (ERP), customer data management application (CRM) or any other possible data source.

It becomes the central solution for all those responsible for product information and their publication, as well as a true technological hub for a large number of applications such as CMS, CRM, eShop, Market Place, Digital Signage, Mailing, etc. and, of course, it provides information for all communication targets. With the most comprehensive and powerful cloud platform on the market, manage your information and publish your products on all channels ...

Let's "Taking control of content" and much more !

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