D'Ieteren Automotive is the official distributor of Volkswagen brands in Belgium.

The company distributes vehicles from Volkswagen, Audi, Seat, Škoda, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche, as well as spare parts and accessories.

D'Ieteren Automotive manages a solid network of independent concessionaires across the country. To complete its offering, the company sells used vehicles and accessories, and provides maintenance, financing and leasing services.

More about D'Ieteren : https://www.dieterencenters.be/fr/nos-accessoires

The challenge

D'Ieteren Automotive wanted to increase the sale of automotive accessories related to brands (9), general public, which they market. The increase in sales must go through an adaptation of internal processes, including the tool used to centralize the management of "products" data (including textual data, visuals and technical documentation) by the various managers product.

Before Pimalion, by Ieteren Automotive used an internal tool that asked product managers to spend a significant time to collect, sort and encode the different data so that these are "commercially" exploitable by their different channels of Sales (websites, points of sale, internal business applications).

The need

Ieteren Automotive was looking for a tool capable, both, to integrate into its computer ecosystem and to communicate with it but also to bring a real added value to the various product managers.The objective being to reduce the maximum manual or time-consuming tasks to allow them to act where they had real added value "business", which, in a cause and effect relationship, was going to increase the "business" value of their work.

This reallocation of time would allow them to deepen trade with their various partners and subcontractors, to once again put their skills at the service of the product and the satisfaction of the end customer.

Solutions thanks to Pimalion

  1. Data import
    In this inclusive: textual data, visuals and technical documentation.The main objective being to favor automation.
  2. Data management
    The main objective is to allow a product manager to put his energy where he has the most added value while allowing him detailed management, within an
    finalhis life easier.
  3. Data publication
    The main objective is to publish the desired products on various websites and internal applications, starting from one.
Data import

Pimalion brings great added value to D'Ieteren.

Indeed, the vast majority of data are automatically imported!

The time saved during the acquisition of data has on the one hand, increased the number of references sold and on the other hand, to increase the quality of "product" information.

Very concretely

Pimalion, via its different modules, imports automatically:

  • “Product” data from 5 “manufacturer” factories.
  • "Product" data from around 50 external suppliers (accessorists).
  • The list of "vehicles" marketed, from D’Ieteren.
  • Prices and stocks ", from D’Ieteren.

The data imported by Pimalion comes from around the world and is delivered in various and varied formats:

  • Webservice/API.
  • Zip, XML, TXT, CSV, XLS files.
Data management

Again Pimalion simplifies the life of D’Ieteren!

Imported data represent a significant amount of data.

Each product manager is responsible for a product portfolio for which they are responsible.

It is therefore essential that each of them can find their way and can check and, if necessary, complete the data he wishes to market.

In consultation with Ieteren Automotive, the Pimalion teams have configured the tool so that it meets the daily needs of product managers.

Very concretely, product managers are in total autonomy.

In addition to the automatic rules applied when importing data, they can:

  • Perform targeted research.
  • Export the results of a targeted search.
  • Check the completion rate of a given product.
  • Edit all the "product" data of a given product (text, images, document).
  • Modify the categorization of products from a given product.
  • Modify associations with vehicles from a given product.
  • Define a promotion of a given product.
  • Define the sales channels of a given product.
  • Define to publish a given product in Google Shopping.
  • Associate products between them (pack, bundle, suggestion, recommendation).
  • Compare linguistic versions.

The icing on the cake, for more comfort, all these operations can be carried out by lots using the simple and editable Excel file.

Data publication

Publishing the products sold has never been easier!

Each product manager decides where its products will be marketed.

Only one or more channels, just check the appropriate box!

Very concretely

Pimalion, via its API, feeds daily and automatically :

  • Several e-commerce sites of the Group: shop.volkswagen.be, shop.audi.be, shop.skoda.be, shop.seat.be, shop.porsche.be, mijnwinterbanden.be, mijnzomerbanden.be.

  • Several “point of sale” applications: dealership sales software, store management software.

  • Several internal applications.

  • Google Shopping.


By choosing Pimalion and by trusting the know-how, both technical and business, of its teams, of Ieteren Automotive has managed to optimize the entire process of acquiring, processing and publication of automotive accessories and A Put all the odds on its side to increase sales of these.

The automation of redundant and time-consuming tasks have made it possible to release precious time that they have been able to reallow to create added value by again putting their skills at the service of the product and the satisfaction of the end customer, without any 'It is necessary to make changes to the team!

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